My Camps
I first joined the SCV in 1985. I was recruited into the
Stand Waite Camp by Past Commander-in-Chief
Charles Smith. We attended the first reenactment at
Honey Springs in 1988.
Ron Nichols was at the 1988 Honey Springs
reenactment with the 1st Arkansas Colored. He later
was in the credits as a consultant on the movie
At Honey Springs again in 1990. I am in the back third
from the right.
Me at Honey Springs in 1990.
I was commander of the Stand Waite camp.
This is at the annual General's Birthday held in
December 1992.
Ed Deason and I found it wise to form the
Capt. Clem Vann Rogers camp. The is me
and my wife in 1997 ready to attend the
Lee-Jackson-Rogers dinner held by that
these men.
In 1998, while I was Adjutant of the Oklahoma Division, the
giant Confederate flag was raised at Oklahoma City. This is
me, Ed Deason, Dr. Emmory, and Division Commander
Caleb Rice.
In 2000 Rogers camp member Ed Deason was elected
Commander-in-Chief of the SCV. Some of the camp celebrated
at my home, Magnolia House.
him with his certificate in 2001. L to R: Terry Pierce, Donnie The
Rogers camp had a real son, Wilburn West. We presented
Hayes, Rex Cash, Wilburn West, Ed Deason, James Butler, and
The Rogers camp had a real son, Wilburn West. We presented
I later found it necessary to move to the Arkansas division. The Lt. Elbert Steel camp of
Lewisville gave me a home during my exile. This is at the Arkansas division reunion in 2004, I
am on the far left.
The Confederate Veterans Home was in Ardmore,
Oklahoma in 1910 and thus dozens of veterans are buried
at Rose Hill Cemetery there. Starting with Dave Easterling,
the division has held annual memorial services. Terry
Pierce has led us in starting a memorial project to be built
AT Ardmore in 2009. L to R: Terry Pierce, then Division
Commander John Priddy, and then Commander-in-Chief