More Reunion Photos
Some Miscellaneous Photos
Me and Past Commander-in-Chief
Chuck McMichael in Hot Springs,
Arkansas in 2009
Two real sons in Anderson, South
Carolina in 2010.
Me standing on the porch of Arlington House.
I wanted to lean against the pillars just like
Lee did in the famous photo. This was in
In 1989 me and my family visited Fort Towson in
Indian Territory. Doaksville was not far from here
where Brigadier General  Stand Waite, the last
Confederate General to surrender, lay down his
arms June 23, 1865.
This is not the real Lincoln. He was a reenactor at the
Road to Secession in Upshur County, Texas in
December 2010. I did a presentation on the treaties
between the Indian Nations and the Confederacy.