Elm Springs, headquarters of the Sons of
Confederate Veterans.
National Reunion at Fayetteville, Arkansas
1989. My grandfather was born in Harrison.
National Reunion in Chattanooga 1995
Chattanooga 1995, Nelson Winbush had a
disagreement with reporters
National Reunion in St. Louis 1998. Me with
Nelson Winbush and Alberta Martin, Last
Confederate Widow.
National Reunion in St. Louis, me with past
Commander-in-Chief Pete Orlebec
National Reunion in St. Louis, me with Past
Commander-in-Chief Rick Griffin.
National Reunion in Charleston in 2000. Rick
Blankenship,  Terry Pierce, Ed Deason and myself.
National Reunion in Lafayette 2001. Erik McBroom,
Mike Grissom and myself with another compatriot
who I regret to say I do not remember his name.
I have made every national reunion since attending my first in Oklahoma City in 1989.
My daughter Rachel was a debutant at the reunion in
Memphis in 2002.
Me and HK at the reunion in Ashville in 2003.
Me and Kevin Easterling at the reunion in Dalton in 2004.
Terry Pierce, myself and Chip Wampler working
credentials in Nashville in 2005.
Me and Past Commander-in-Chief Chris Sullivan in
New Orleans for the reunion of 2006.
Those of us at the Mobile reunion of 2007 had the honor of
attending a Confederate funeral. A unknown sailor from the
Alabama was finally laid to rest.
I was very proud to receive the Robert E. Lee medal
at Mt. Pleasant in 2008. Me with past
Commander-in-Chief Ed Deason.