Henry H. King was born in the Republic of
Texas in 1842. His father ran keel boats on
the Red River where his family first settled
by 1823.  Henry enlisted in the 6th
Arkansas Infantry in May of 1861. He
served with the Army of Tennessee in
most of the major battles including
Perryville, Shiloh, Murfreesboro,
Chickamaugua, Chattanooga, and the
Atlanta Campaign. Most of the remaining
men, the regimental commander Colonel
Govan, and the flag were captured at
Jonesborro. Henry was wounded for the
fourth time and after several weeks in the
hospital he served in the Confederate
Secret Service. I suspect they valued his
boating skills as what they wanted most
then were men good on horses or boats
who could get messages through the
enemy lines. He returned to Arkansas near
present day Texarkana. He lived in
Arkansas and Louisiana where he died in
1924. This photo was taken at his
daughters home in Indian Territory about
the time of statehood. The little girl is my
Aunt Inez.
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The regimental flag of the 6th & 7th Arkansas Infantry in the museum at the Murfreesboro
Battlefield. The two regiments were combined after the battle of Shiloh, supposidly until each could
replaces their losses from that battle. They remained combined until the end of the war. There was
an Englishmen named Morton Stanley who served in the 6th Arkansas. He is the same man who
uttered the famous words "Dr. Livingston I presume."